The Tibetan Children's Village, Dharamsala, India

When I was in Dharamsala last year, there were over 1,000 children at that TCV. Now there are over 2,000. Any donation you can send will be very welcome! This web page has been created as a result of the many requests for information about TCV, and details on how to help these children. Thank you very much.
- Susan Stephenson

If you are sending items by mail please read these VERY IMPORTANT PACKING AND SHIPPING DIRECTIONS:

Somewhere on the box, write clearly: "used clothing, no commercial value"
"second hand gifts for Tibetan refugee children" If you do not do this TCV will not be able to receive the package because they will be charged an import tax.

1- BOX: Find a box the correct size. The dimensions cannot exceed 79" total and here is the formula: 1x length + 2x width + 2x height = 79" or less. No single dimension can be longer than 42". Fill it with good stuff. Pack it tightly with no empty spaces and taped very securely. It will have a long voyage.

2 - LABEL: add your return address and address it to:
Head Office, Tibetan Children's Villages
Dharamsala Cantt. - 176216
Distt. Kangra H.P., India

3 - US POST OFFICE: Shipping "economy parcel post" (by boat and overland, 3+ months) is the least expensive. Fill out form #2976A. For "value" write "0", and for description write "used clothing, no commercial value" or "second hand gifts for Tibetan refugee children".

4 - SHIPPING COSTS: Here are the prices we have paid for shipping by this method, from the West Coast of the USA: 10 pounds - $28.10 ($2.80 per pound); 20 pounds - $41.10 ($2 per pound); 30 pounds - $54.10 (1.80 per pound). Please check with your post office for the most recent rates.

Because of the tireless work of Elizabeth Pyjov and her many helpful fellow students, twenty-six boxes of clothing have been collected and shipped to the Tibetan Children's Village. The Tibetan Aid Project in Berkeley, California offered to help with shipping.

SPONSORING A CHILD:If you would like to sponsor a child at TCV, providing room and board and school tuition, the cost is approximately $50 a month US dollars (depending on the exchange rate which changes constantly). Contact TCV directly for information:

For more information, please write to:

Dharamsala Cantt. - 176216
Distt. Kangra, H.P. INDIA
& (91) 01892 - 221348, 220357
Fax No: (91) 01892-221670
E-mail :

CLOTHING DONATIONS: good quality secondhand warm clothing for both children and adults is needed as refugees are arriving continually from China. Suggestions: warm wool sweaters, gloves, socks, long underwear, pajamas, shoes, etc.

DONATIONS OF MONEY: along with clothing, the refugees need food. Your donations will go directly to the most needy.

Please make out your check to:
"TIBETAN CHILDREN'S VILLAGES" and send to the Head Office of TCV (see under "packing and shipping directions"

The faster easier method is to have a Bank transfer sent directly from your bank to:
American Express, Hamilton House, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001.
Account No. C- 310300792
bank swift code AEIBUS33

EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: The Montessori classes at TCV are for the children from ages 3-6. There are also children younger than this who will benefit from any secondhand Montessori materials and English language materials you can send. The classes for children from age 7 through high school are taught in the British system and can certainly also use any good books or other English language language materials you can send.


Be sure to include a note, with any donations, with your name and address and a note saying that you are part of "The Michael Olaf Tibetan Children's Village Project."

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