Quotes and Recommendations

Thank you for your excellent website, and information you offer. We just started homeschooling this year and your site is always the one I come back to time after time. It is so helpful.
—Fiona Helen Flack, Australia

This catalog is a wonderful compendium of Montessori information and many hard-to-find objects to support it in the home and classroom--a superb resource for families and teachers alike.
—Angeline Lillard, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia. Author of Montessori, the Science behind the Genius

The Birth-Three and the 3-12 catalogs are just splendid. My faculty and I are giving assignments in the catalogs, and we see dozens of uses beyond the obvious application to pediatrics; for example, stroke patients, the brain injured adult, blind, hearing impaired, neurological patient, the adult cognitively impaired, the persistent mentally ill, homeless, teens at risk, unwed mothers, etc.
—Hermine Plotnick, Department of Occupational Therapy, New York Institute of Technology

Many of us constantly refer to Michael Olaf's Essential Montessori as an extremely valuable parenting book. At first I wanted to keep this great information to myself, to hoard it for my own children, but gradually I came to the realization that in sharing this wisdom with other parents we all benefit. It will bring us all to a new level of consciousness. Thank you for the very important work that you do.
—Eve Lubowe, mother, La Leche League leader

The text of Michael Olaf's Essential Montessori is the best brief description of Montessori I've come across and you have wonderful things for parents to choose for their children. I gave a copy to each family in our school as a part of their information packet.
—Karin Salzmann, founding director of AMI/USA (Association Montessori Internationale of the United States)

For the first time my class looks like what one reads about in the Montessori books instead of a traditional group-taught preschool. I cannot thank you enough for providing your lecture reprint on the 3-HOUR WORK PERIOD.
—Montessori 3-6 Teacher

There is no need to wade through piles of catalogues to find quality books and toys—just get a copy of Michael Olaf's Essential Montessori. Best of all it is filled with Montessori philosophy for all ages, practical advice and the wisdom of experience. I think Essential Montessori is essential reading for every teacher and parent.
—Pam Shand, MONTESSORI NEWZ, The Newsletter of the Montessori Association of New Zealand

Dear Susan, If there is anything I am ever able to do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope I will have the pleasure of seeing you again in the future, as our meeting was too brief. You are inspiring as an individual as well as an educator. Again thank you.
—Karin Young, Montessori teacher and administrator, St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia

Michael Olaf has done a tremendous job of culling through the abundance of "stuff" available in this world for children , to create a fine collection from which parents, aftercare, and classroom teachers who adhere to Montessori principles can choose. From the balance beam, to the child size brooms and mops, to the loom and carefully chosen books and wooden furniture, the selections have a beautiful simplicity and will make easy work of finding what one needs to assist children's healthy development. Throughout the catalog are beautiful quotations and description of Montessori, making the catalog an excellent resource for parent education and inspiration as well.

I want to thank you for your marvelous catalog-book, and for the great service which you have done for Montessori worldwide. I know that it is a labor of love. You have done a masterful job of presenting theory and making it possible for parents to carry it to the practical level. I give a complimentary copy of your catalogue to each participant in our parent courses, and to parents waiting to enter our school.
—Paula Polk Lillard, Montessori Author

I feel compelled to write to finally acknowledge the tremendous work you do for parents. Your catalogue is inspiring. I like to refer to it as my Bible, a quiet place of inspiration and a refuge, and share it with everyone! My life has truly been forever changed by Maria Montessori and the present day work you do of interpreting and translating her nearly century old philosophy for parents and teachers about to enter the 21st century. You have helped me become a better parent, a better person, and I'm so grateful to have found you at the time in my life when I needed you most.
—Kathleen Mahala, parent, New Jersey

Once again, congratulations on an inspiring publication and brilliant materials. Thank you.
—Samantha Streak, Montessori parent, Durban, South Africa

The way you thread the Montessori philosophy throughout the catalogue is beautiful, and your selection of materials is very fine indeed. I have a greater understanding of Montessori education from reading your Michael Olaf's Essential Montessori than I have gotten from various other readings about Montessori practice and philosophy. Thank you for centering Montessori principles on the needs of children and families.
—Patrick Farenga, editor, Growing Without Schooling, homeschooling newsletter

This is like a Montessori course in a book. Thank you so very much!
—parent, London, England

I live in a remote island of Indonesia, keep my Michael Olaf book by my bed and read it every night. Someday I WILL teach Montessori, even if in the middle of the jungle!
—Kresley Carrier, Indonesia