Child of the World: Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+

by Susan Mayclin Stephenson

170 pages, 40 black and white pictures
from the author's work with children
around the world
ISBN 978-1-879264-24-3

Child of the World


Caring for Oneself, for Others, and for the Environment
The Preparation and Serving of Food
Toys and Games
The Earth, Physical Sciences
Plants and Animals, Life Sciences
People, Social Sciences
Music and Art
Geometry, Math, and Measurement

Transition to the Elementary Years
The Earth, Physical Sciences
Biology, Life Sciences
The Humanities, Social Sciences
The Arts
Invention, Geometry, and Math

Stages of Development
The Young Adult, Age 21-18
The Adult, Age 18-24

Preparing a Learning Environment
Parenting and Teaching
Maria Montessori
About the Author
Acclaim for Child of the World

This book explains the meaning of life, how you are supposed to live it. It would be helpful to other people my age. If the young person does not want to read the chapter, The Young Adult, Age 12-18, then the parents should read it so they can help their son or daughter become a better person. —Ryan Alcock, Age 13,
The Montessori Lyceum, Amsterdam

Stephenson’s volume is a wonderful resource for parents seeking thoughtful, sound advice on raising well-grounded children in a chaotic world. Presenting Montessori principles in clear and eloquent prose, Stephenson’s legacy will be a tremendous service to generations of parents to come.

—Angeline Lillard, PhD, Professor of Psychology, U. of Virginia, author of Montessori, The Science behind the Genius

Imagine a Montessori text in your home library which guides your putting together a child’s corner in every room according to the same principles used by Montessori educators for more than a century. Activities are described to match your child’s precise ages and stages providing authentic environments for choice and stimulating engagement. This little book can change your life with its practical wisdom. It will help you create conditions favorable to peaceful coexistence.

—David Kahn, director of NAMTA
(North American Montessori Teachers Association)

El Nino Alegre: Montessori desde nacimiento hasta los Tres Anos (Spanish)

A Crianca Alegre: Sabedoria Montessori do Nascimento aos Tres Anos (Portuguese)

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