These newsletters have been very effective in helping parents and teachers at all levels to understand and appreciate Montessori from 0-12. We extend blanket permission for anyone to link or share freely with school families, colleagues, friends.

How brilliant to bundle these seven newsletters into one!   
Thank you, Susan and family, on behalf of the staff, parents and, most especially, the children
—Donna Bryant Goertz, Founder of Austin Montessori School

Jim and Susan Stephenson

—Jim & Susan Stephenson of michaelolaf.net

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Piano prepars for math

NEWSLETTER #7—April, 2011
Montessori Math

The development of the mathematical mind and a love for math (and geometry) begins early in life. This newsletter helps parents understand the value of real work with many logical steps, certain manipulative materials, the need for experience before language (such as counting, shapes, series, etc.) and more.

Adele Diamond and The Dalai Lama

NEWSLETTER #6—January, 2011
Sikkim Conference "Science, Spirituality and Education

Adele Diamond, neuroscientist researching executive functions of the brain in children, invited several of us Montessorians to a meeting in Northern India with the Dalai Lama, scientists, educators, philosophers, etc., to present Montessori solutions for the problems in education today. This newsletter contains Susan's emails home from this meeting.

NEWSLETTER #5—November, 2010
The Home Environment

Here are ideas for parents in preparing the home environment for children from birth to 12 years. Most of all children need time, unplanned or scheduled time alone and with parents, but there are also important things to know about what toys and materials support Montessori ideas that can be beneficial in the family at home.

Grandpa reading

NEWSLETTER #4—August, 2010
Montessori Parenting & Teaching

Parents are the child's first teacher. Fun and laughter in home and school is so important because children remember and cherish the experiences they enjoy. This newsletter contains information on "the sense of order", concentration, modeling behavior, setting limits, time out, and more.

Reading and Laughing
Bhutan students

NEWSLETTER #3—May, 2010
Montessori Cultural Geography

Children who develop a sense of belonging to the world community from a young age are going to be better prepared to succeed in the changing world as adults. This newsletter contains information on teaching children about the world, about cooperation and peace. It also contains information about a Montessori project in Bhutan that has involved Montessori students.

Original Giraffe

NEWSLETTER #2—January, 2010
Art and Montessori

Art in Montessori does not mean coloring books or group projects imitating a model created by the adult. It is about true creativity, expression, joy, and it is connected with all other areas of study such as biology, history, music, math, and so on. The child's original work is the goal.

Amazon, The Joyful Child (birth to 3 years)

Amazon, Child of the World (3-12 years)

Or directly from Michael Olaf: Montessori Books

Child of the World

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#10 Montessori Biology, May 2012

Jim and Susan in Japan

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