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First Montessori Books, for Parents and TeachersFIRST MONTESSORI BOOKS
In 2021-2022 Susan Mayclin Stephenson's eight Montessori books are available wholesale to schools and Montessori teacher training centers. WHSL

The latest book in the series, well-received all over the world: AID TO LIFE, MONTESSORI BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: AID TO LIFE

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Since 1982 Michael Olaf Montessori has helped parents and teachers around the world understand and support the full potential of the child from birth through age 12+.

Books and materials are available at this online store Montessori environments for ages 0-6+


Birth to Three Development - Video Clips based on the first years stages of development

Human Development Montessori Middle school course. Michael Olaf's Joyful Child (for birth to three) is used as a text in a Montessori adolescent program

Montessori" A Video Explanation: Anyone can use the word "Montessori"

Maria Montessori Biography A brief overview and several pictures

Montessori FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions about Montessori education.

Montessori Lectures and Articles Montessori infant information, an observation of a 3-6 class, and more

Montessori for a Prince a story of Montessori for a Prince (PDF)

AMI/USA Newsletter for 0-3 (PDF) Summer Ideas for the child, 0-3

The International Montessori Index practical information

Montessori Homeschooled One story

Creativity Do schools kill creativity? This is a link to a talk by Sir Ken Robinson. Very insightful and entertaining! (

Montessori and Waldorf Schools
a comparison

About Us Michael Olaf Montessori Company, established in 1982

Montessori Supporters and famous Montessori students PDF

Chinese Multiplication: Math through the ages is a standard research in Montessori 6-12 classes. Here is a video of an ancient variation.

FOOD - teach every child about food, a very important TED talk

A Christmas Prayer for the Earth includes original lyrics and music and pictures from Susan's Montessori work around the world.

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#25 Book, The Red Corolla, Montessori Cosmic Education, June 2019
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#27 Book, Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom, Mar 2021

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