. . . of educating and raising children to develop their fullest potential

Eating in Elegance

Children are born mindful and with wisdom we can keep this skill alive: “Montessori is wonderful in this  way.”—the Dalai Lama

Since 1982 Michael Olaf Montessori has helped parents and teachers around the world understand and to support the full potential of the child. (picture to the left is Susan Mayclin Stephenson in Mongolia, November 2014)

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NEW Michael Olaf November Newsletter. Number #17. Swaddling Babies in Mongolia, Caring for Each Other, Authentic Montessori NEWS

MONTESSORI SUPPORTERS and famous Montessori students PDF - MONTESSORI FOR A PRINCE Magazine article
Latest newsletter: MONTESSORI LANGUAGE, Speaking, Writing, and reading, Birth to Age 12 (news)
Montessori Concentration (PDF) Mindfulness Practices in Education:
AMI/USA Newsletter for 0-3 (PDF) Summer Ideas for the child from birth to three
Aid to Life The new Montessori site is ready to view!
First 3 Years Video Clips: stages of development, first year and ages 1-3

Manners, Grace & Courtesy Newsletter A favorite Michael Olaf quarterly Montessori newsletter
Maria Montessori Biography A brief overview and several pictures
Digital Age: An Article from Australia
Pictures from Bhutan: The first AMI Montessori class. Before and After pictures.
TED language video: The linguistic genius of babies. 6-month-old babies use sophisticated reasoning to understand their world
Chinese Multiplication
: Math through the ages is a standard research in Montessori 6-12 classes. Here is a video of an ancient variation.
Food: Very important TED (technology, entertainment, design) children and food
Laying Down Roots: A 9-minute video produced by a the St. Helena Montessori school in California.

Montessori Lectures and Articles Montessori infant information, an observation of a 3-6 class, and more

Montessori FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions about Montessori education.
Montessori Homeschooled Brown U. student, musician, attorney
"Montessori" A Video Explanation:
Anyone can use the word "Montessori"
Montessori on Peace Boat: news from our friend Takako Fukatsu on the 66th Global Voyage
Human Development a
middle school course. Michael Olaf's Joyful Child (for birth to three) is used as a text in a Montessori adolescent program
Creativity Do schools kill creativity? This is a link to a short talk, given at the end of an education conference, by Sir Ken Robinson. It is one of the most insightful and entertaining talks we have heard in a long time. Enjoy! (courtesy of
Big Issue-college NYT article. Quote: By 5, it is possible to predict, with depressing accuracy, who will complete high school and college and who won't.
Montessori and Waldorf Schools
a comparison

A Christmas Prayer for the Earth includes original lyrics and music and pictures from Susan's Montessori work around the world. The slide show of pictures was excellent! Your work is a perfect example of the way the Montessori method should be taught. —Phillip Montessori, grandson of Dr. Maria Montessori
Susan Stephenson educator, consultant, artist, and author of the Michael Olaf Montessori overviews: The Joyful Child and Child of the World
MONTESSORI SUPPORTERS and famous Montessori students
ABOUT US Michael Olaf Montessori Company, established in 1982

What People Say about the Michael Olaf Montessori Company
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Natural development video clips MINDFULNESS FROM BIRTH

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